Mobile Pokie Casino Security

Everyone has seen movies such as Hackers or Blackhat where shadowy figures sit in dark rooms smoking cigarettes, typing on keyboards on a computer console and stealing millions from government mainframe computer systems. This is Hollywood entertainment and has given everyone a healthy dose of fear when it comes to online security. Fraud is a real threat but fortunately there are several layers of protection at the mobile pokie sites that keep your money and personal identity safe from potential fraudsters.

Let’s find out more about online casino security for Australians playing mobile pokies.

Digital Encryption Technology

The online transactions that take place at the mobile casino are encrypted with military grade digital encryption technology. This type of technology is used by the world’s top banks and keep your details and money secure. 128-bit SSL (secure socket layer) technology is the world’s top rated digital encryption system and is in place at every mobile pokie site recommended by

Encryption technology means that the data cannot be accessed or read by fraudsters – every bet you place and every transaction you make online is secure.

Random Number Generators

The outcome of each bet you place is determined through algorithms built into the online casino software. These algorithms are RNGs (random number generators) and mean that when you place a bet it is truly random. Online casino games cannot be rigged or bypassed in any way. Payout percentages made by these games are also carefully audited by external third party industry watch dogs (such as eCOGRA) and this means that the bets you place are fair and accurate.

Online casinos who have eCOGRA certification and who use random number generator technology in their games are reputable and trusted by millions of Aussie gamblers. We only recommend these sites on

Fraud Detection Processes and Teams

The online casino has behind the scene professional teams who work round-the-clock to monitor transactions made to prevent any fraudulent behaviour. It is therefore impossible for your money or personal identity to be comprised because of this constant monitoring and the layers of security and player protection that are in place at the casino.

If you have any questions about your account, your password information or your funds, you can contact the online pokie site using various contact methods at any hour of the day or night, 365 days a year.

Safeguard your Money and Personal Details

There are many ways you can do your part to ensure your money and personal details are kept safe online:

  • Never share your casino account password with anyone
  • Don’t click on a link in a mailer that asks you to log in to your bank account
  • Keep your credit card and web wallet details safe
  • Never share your PIN number or bank account password
  • Keep a record of your online transactions
  • You can view all your transactions with the casino by going to the banking pages in the casino lobby and viewing a statement of deposits and withdrawals made, and every bet you have placed
  • If you suspect any strange behaviour or activity on your account, contact the online casino support team immediately

You can be assured that the mobile pokie sites we recommend offer the best in online security, banking transaction encryption and personal identity protection so that you can have the best possible online casino entertainment experience possible in Australia.