Online Casino Keno

Did you know that thousands of Australians are playing KENO right now on their mobile or tablet? Keno can be enjoyed at a mobile pokie site right here in Australia and is huge fun!

Let’s start off with some interesting keno facts we bet you didn’t know:

  • Keno dates back to the time the Great Wall of China was bult between 205 and 187 BC and helped fund the building of wonder of the world
  • The device used to pull the keno balls from a large glass blow is called The Rabbit Ears
  • White pigeons were used to send the results of Keno games in ancient China – how technology has changed!


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How to Play Keno

The game of Keno is a type of lottery during which a bubble that contains 80 numbered balls are drawn to get a result. 20 balls are drawn and the objective of the game is to predict which numbers will come up.

With mobile casino Keno the experience is simulated on your tablet or smartphone. You bet on different types of Keno tickets:

  • Straight ticket: when you bet the marked numbers as a single wager
  • King ticket: a number circled by itself is called the King and gives you more betting options than playing a straight ticket
  • Combination ticket: you mark several number groups and play combinations of them – a way more complex option than the straight ticket which is most popular

When you play mobile keno you simply touch the screen to pick your numbers. It’s as easy as a few taps on the screen and you’re up and playing in no time.

Best Bets when Playing Keno

Learn the variations of the game of Keno and understand the payouts that are offered. Remember to keep the progressive keno jackpot in mind if one is available – the more people playing the higher the jackpot gets. This is particularly good fun to play! Remember that progressive games give you the chance to really hit it big.

Beginner’s Strategy for Playing Keno

Beginners will love Keno because it is such an easy game to play. Simply get a keno card (a virtual card in the case of mobile casino keno), pick the numbers you want or do a quick pick and place your bet! The casino software will then randomly pick 20 balls and if your numbers match you win.

Remember to manage your bankroll when playing Keno. As a new player you will start of slowly and bet more as you become more confident. Remember that the keno sites we recommend are trusted by thousands of Australians like you who enjoy playing casino games for real money.

Play the Best Online Keno in Australia is happy to give you the best advice when it comes to playing online casino games on your smartphone. We have years of experience playing casino games at many different pokie sites and as Australian gamblers we know what Aussies want. We’ll find you the best online Keno sites in Australia and you’ll have hours of fun playing at a site we recommend.