Casino Bonus Guide is your first choice for finding top casino bonuses to enjoy while playing mobile pokies on your smartphone, tablet or other mobile device. We’re Aussie gamblers ourselves and we’ve got years of experience finding the top sites to play at that offer the most rewarding bonuses. Let’s find out more about casino bonuses, what they are and how they work.

What are Casino Bonuses?

A casino bonus is a reward or freebie you get from the casino site. Everyone likes to get something for free and casinos like to reward their players with goodies to keep them coming back for more.

How are Casino Bonuses Offered?

Casino bonuses are offered to players through various channels:

  • You might find out about a casino bonus by reading about it on the pokie website
  • The pokie site might send you an email or SMS letting you know about a casino bonus you are eligible for
  • The casino lobby has banners that show you bonuses you can claim
  • You might be offered a bonus by one of the casino hosts or support agents

You can also contact the online casino directly and ask them for bonuses, but in our experience the bonuses normally come to you without you needing to ask for them.

Why are Casino Bonuses Important?

Casino bonuses are a great way for you to extend your play time and add to your chances of winning. A bonus is effectively a chance to bet on the house, so if you get a bonus it means you can play with the casino’s money instead of your own – and you get to keep whatever winnings you come out with.

Why are Casino Bonuses only available at Online Sites?

Online casinos operate in a very competitive industry. Pokie sites know that for you, the Australian gambler, to switch to playing somewhere else is as easy as clicking your mouse or tapping the screen. For that reason casino bonuses are very common at online casinos. If you were playing at a land-based casino it would be much more difficult to switch to playing somewhere else – you would need to hop in your car and drive yourself to a different casino. Online pokie sites work differently and as a result you will find that they offer a lot more bonuses than real-world casinos do.

How do you unlock Casino Bonuses?

Casino bonuses can be claimed very easily – simply log into the casino, go to the promotions section of the casino lobby and click (or tap) on the claim button for the bonus or promotion you are interested in. The wording on the button may be different, for example:

  • Enter now
  • Claim now
  • I’m interested
  • Redeem bonus
  • And so on…

Bonuses and promotions each have their own specific conditions that must be met before you can unlock them – for certain bonuses you may need to make a deposit or wager before you receive the bonus. Other bonuses are completely free and you simply claim them.

What are the Different Types of Casino Bonuses?

Pokie sites offer various types of bonuses including:

New Player Welcome

This is a bonus offered to players when they first start playing at the casino. A welcome bonus may require you to make your first deposit before you can claim, and it may even be a multi-purchase type of bonus that you claim after your first few deposits. Other welcome bonuses can be free spins (which are basically free bets on a specific pokie) or free credits added to your bonus balance.

Free Spins

The casino may offer you free spins from time to time, or you may win free spins by taking part in a lucky draw promotion or some sort of casino contest. Free spins are free bets – you get to spin the reels on a particular pokie game without wagering with your own money. If you win, you keep the winnings.

Purchase Match, Match Bonus or Deposit Bonus

This type of bonus requires you to make a deposit, and is a form of discounted purchasing. For example, you may be offered a 50% match on $100, which means you will get $50 extra if you deposit $100. Purchase match bonuses are great ways to extend your bankroll and give you the best bank for your buck and the chance to play more and win more.

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